A connected suite of technology driven solutions

We work with the world’s leading Aged Care providers to understand the key challenges within facilities and use technology to over-come these challenges.

LifeGuard: bedfall and pressure wound prevention

A smart sheet that is fitted to the bed under the protective mattress cover. Movement patterns are monitored by the AI processor providing the ability to notice when pressure is concentrated on a body part for too long or when someone is about to get out of bed unassisted.

LifeWatch: AI driven bathroom fall detection

A combination of video, audio, ultrasonics, microwave, infrared sensors and timers feed live data into a built in AI processor to monitor, detect and respond to falls.

Life Connect: bringing families together

Social isolation is on par with high blood pressure, obesity and even smoking as a risk factor for illness and early death. We humanise technology, we make it accessible for our elders and make it easy for them to integrate it into their lives.

LifeProtect: prevent building exits with dignity

Video surveillance combined with AI and facial recognition alert staff when high risk residents are approaching an exit point allowing subtle intervention minimising panic, confusion and embarrassment.