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Gabriel falls detection may save your life

Gabriel falls detection may save your life

Never fear not being found

after a fall

There is no bigger fear than living alone and having a fall.

With so many horror stories in the media about our beloved seniors being left unfound for days after a fall, we knew there had to be a way to put an end to this.

Gabriel is able to detect a fall instantly and communicate with you. If we don’t get a response or any movement, we call for assistance straight away.

How does Gabriel work?

There have been many attempts to perfect falls detection using different techniques. All have failed to provide a reliable solution as they have focused on one methodology.

Gabriel uses both active and passive AI to recognise a fall and then attempts to communicate with the person that has fallen.

Our smart monitoring solution uses multiple technologies to detect falls, including facial recognition, motion detectors, timers and voice activation.

Here is how Gabriel works in your bathroom, where a large number of falls occur every day.

Only 22% of seniors say they could handle living on their own after a fall.

A world first

multi-mode technology

Facial recognition

All household members are entered into the system at setup so that individual profiles can be used for monitoring. When a known person enters the bathroom, they are greeted by name and asked if they are going to have a shower.

This response triggers the shower monitoring method. The timing of events is also recorded and used to look for exceptions.

How long have you been in the shower and is this within past ranges?

Monitoring & Fall Detection

Times and durations are recorded and compared to past history.

If Gabriel senses you are taking longer than usual for your daily shower she will start to listen for sounds that indicate you may have fallen. First she will ask if you are ok, if there is no response she will ask if you can move.

If you can not respond Gabriel will call for help and notify your family members that you have had a fall and need help.