Fall detection &
immediate action

The fear of having a fall and not being able to get up or left on the floor of days is a major limitation in maintaining your independence. Gabriel gives you reassurance that if you have a fall help is there straight away.


Living on your own can be lonely. Social isolation is a leading cause of depression in our seniors. Gabriel monitors your mood and alerts your family if you are feeling down. A simple call or visit from them can be all it takes to lift your mood for the day.

Gabriel was created so you don’t become a burden on your family

Pain detection and monitoring

Gabriel facial recognition technology has been trained to recognise pain and how your pain level changes over time. Small changes over time can be missed by your family and carers, by constantly checking in on the pain levels of your face Gabriel is able to assist in your medication management.

All you need in the palm of your hand

Keeping track of doctors appointments, medications and family can be challenging. Gabriel puts all you need in one easy to use app to use on your phone or tablet. You can also choose what you share with your family and carers - connecting everyone is now easy.

Your data always stays in your home

Your personal health records are your records, we will never sell or share them. To ensure your information remains secure we keep all your data in your home and never broadcast it out over the internet.

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