Fall detection &
immediate action

Gabriel's smart monitoring technology knows where you are in your home and how long it usually takes for you to complete a task. If Gabriel detects its taking longer than usual for you to do something, it will ask if you are ok. In the event you are not ok, Gabriel will call for assistance for you.


Living on your own can get lonely. Gabriel understands your mood and lets your family know that you are feeling down and to get in touch.

Gabriel’s smart monitoring keeps all your personal data in your home.

and secure

We've made Gabriel so discreet you will forget it's in your home. Our multi modal technology ensures you are being passively monitored all day, every day. And most importantly everything will stay within your own home.

Gabriel is super
easy to use

We've created Gabriel in a way that it's easy to use. All you need is in one central place - Doctors appointments, medication, intercom video calls and pain monitoring. All downloaded in one app that works on both apple and android devices.

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