Gabriel can help reduce trauma from falls
in your hospital

In the event of a fall, Gabriel alerts your staff instantly.

Mood and pain monitoring

Adverse events are detected well before they become serious medical incidences both improving the level of care for your patients and saving costs through preventative patient care.

Voice activated nurse calls

Gabriel can provide a voice activated nurse and in room entertainment system. Making it easier for high care patients to seek the help they need.

Gabriel voice activation technology connects patients to nursing staff.


Cabrini Hospital

Fall detection

Gabriel's smart monitoring technology keeps watch on your patients when your staff can't be in their room. In the event of a fall staff are alerted with both text and voice messages direct to their phones or nurse station.

We develop your solution together

Co-creating solutions with you enables your team to take ownership and ensure that legacy systems are integrated with the Gabriel platform. We work collaboratively with your stakeholders to develop the solution that will deliver for your needs both today and into the future.