Cameras, facial recognition and AI processing all working together to ensure high risk residents stay safe within your facility.

Elopement by residents is a major concern for aged care providers. Residents, especially those with dementia can be cunning in how they beat current systems to exit your facilities. These exits put your residents at risk and increase the workload for your staff.

Gabriel LifeProtect has been designed to monitor residents and creates alerts when they approach exits. Our system uses mature facial recognition software to alert staff when a resident is approaching an exit point.

This provides staff the chance to gently redirect residents and understand their regular elopement times and behaviour patterns.

Alerts allow staff to redirect residents with dignity rather than have loud alarms go off as residents approach exits. Understanding of regular behaviour patterns provides the opportunity for proactive care and more efficient deployment of care staff.

60% of dementia residents will wander off

How it works

Once Gabriel LifeProtect cameras are installed at your site, preventing building exits is easy. Our team will capture photos of each resident, work with you to set up your monitoring and train your staff. We can also help to brief your residents and families about the technology making it easy for them to understand the benefits.

Our holistic approach to improving the lives of our elders