Accurate multimodal fall detection that is non invasive and comforting.

Gabriel LifeWatch is an AI driven device that incorporates video, audio, motion, timing and temperature to accurately assess the safety of residents in bathrooms.

A typical bathroom layout will have one LifeWatch device installed. That unit will self monitor activity within the bathroom looking for potentially dangerous behaviour like a fall in the shower or an abnormally long time using the toilet.

Through the use of two audio the AI processor is able to

communicate with the resident and assess their feedback and determine if the resident requires assistance.

For example, if LifeWatch notices an acceleration toward the ground in the bathroom it will ask the resident “It looks like you’ve had a fall, are you ok?”

Now LifeWatch listens for a response and will reach out to staff when help is required. Communication to staff can be via nurse call, phone call to a nurse station, SMS, Intercom etc.

30% of adults over 65 experience at least one fall per year

We are committed to resident well being and data protection. LifeWatch is completely secure and non-invasive.

Our view is that maintaining resident dignity and data integrity is as important as detecting a fall. For this reason LifeWatch has the following security features:

  • All processing is handled within the device.
  • Footage, audio and movement is not stored.
  • In the event of a fall the device will hold the post event data in a buffer so an incident report can be generated. This data is transmitted as packets in multiple channels to an onsite server on a highly secure dedicated network.
  • The unit is headless meaning there is no video or audio output. All monitoring is handled by an AI processor (no human interaction)

Understanding that the LifeWatch approach is a unique one, upon installation staff, residents and families are involved in a comprehensive induction program to ensure that all stakeholders are completely comfort around LifeWatch.

Gabriel LifeWatch is 100% HIPAA compliant.

Our holistic approach to improving the lives of our elders