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Who is Gabriel? From our family to yours

Who is Gabriel? From our family to yours

Terry Crews

– Founder

We are a family business who know first hand how hard it is to stay connected to one another and live independently for as long as possible.

We aren’t a bunch of corporate people just doing a job, we have created products to make our family’s life better. Our products all exist for one single purpose, to make sure we don’t become a burden on each other as we get older.

There are three things we know slow us all down as we get older. Working with lots of really smart people around the world we have come up with ways to tackle these challenges.

We are working as fast as we can to bring Gabriel to the world. From a robot that will keep you company to falls detection in your home, we are bursting with excitement to share these new products.

Thank you for joining us and here’s to all of us living better for longer.

Terry Crews, Founder

I started Gabriel as I don’t want to be a burden on my family

Three things impact on our


Feeling isolated

As the kids all grow up and have their own busy lives, mum and dad get left out. We wanted to create an easy way for grandparents to keep in touch with both their kids and grandkids.

Not recovering from a fall

we saw the devastation to the life of our Aunty when she had a fall. She couldn’t live on her own anymore and was living in fear of having another fall. Our falls prevention and detection products will reduce the number of falls at home, in aged care residences and hospitals. Should you have a fall, we will get help to you straight away.

Keeping on top of medication

It gets confusing keeping up with treatments and medication, we’ve made it easy, well easier anyway.